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Commercial Diving Services

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1. Underwater Inspection & Survey


Video & Photo Inspection

We offer a complete video and photo inspection survey for maintenance planning & repairs, as well as insurance quotes

Underwater Condition Report

Structural Asset

Thorough inspection of underwater timber, concrete and steel structure assets. Our divers have extensive experience in underwater survey operations


Subsea Platform & Pipelines

Our teams perform underwater platform inspection such as marine pipelines, diffuser pipelines and underwater tie-ins.


Underwater Bridge Survey

Detailed underwater survey of complex structures such as concrete, steel, timber and cast iron bridges compiled into a comprehensive survey report including photographs and video footage.


Wharf Remediation & Inspections

Our team has extensive experience performing wharf remediation throughout Port Stephens and NSW for structures above and below water.

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2. Underwater Maintenance & Repairs


Bridge & Pile Restoration

We provide pile restoration, strengthening and repairs. We are experienced in rehabilitation work for timber, steel and concrete piles. Pile repair systems include epoxy and grout filled encasements through to pile splice and replacement for bridges.


Concrete Cutting & Drilling

We maintain all marine concrete assets such as concrete slipways, boat ramps, sea walls. Services include all concrete drilling, core drilling, cutting, and underwater concrete pouring.


Underwater Ship Maintenance

Port & Hunter Commercial Diving conducts regular inspection and repairs on ships of all sizes and types. Ship and vessel maintenance including propeller polishing is a core requirement for safety, operation and legal compliance.


Steel Structure Repairs

Our team include certified and experienced underwater welders for the installation sacrificial anodes, steel plate repairs and cathodic protection bars. We also provide NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) to identify potential underwater abnormalities and meet inspection requirements for fixed concrete and steel structures.

Pressure Cleaning

Underwater High Pressure Cleaning

Our team is equipped with a high variable pressure gurney capable of removing dense fouling, scale and even rust from underwater marine installation to remove unwanted growth, particularly important when considering an inspection on pipeline outlets, large commercial vessels, pylons and large anodes.

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3. Underwater Marine Construction


Wharf Carpenters

We provide bridge and wharf carpenters experienced in all aspects of marine infrastructure construction such as private and commercial wharfs, jetties, pontoons, boat ramps and slipways.

Underwater Frabrication

Welding & Cutting

Our welders are experienced wet welders able to complete underwater welding tasks. Underwater cutting systems such as Broco or flame cutting provide a fast, efficient and cost effective means of completing underwater cutting, piercing and gouging.

Marine Construction

Offshore & Inshore

With a combination of experienced divers and a range of underwater equipment we are able to service both onshore and offshore marine construction, including ocean outforce, oil rigs, offshore platform, bridge construction, dams and more.



We provide concrete, steel, and timber piling installation up to 600mm diametre for bridges, wharfs, jetties ensuring up to 30 years engineered load bearing capacity and long-term durability for the most demanding environmental conditions.


Hydraulic Tools

Our equipment include certified underwater hydraulic tools such as impact drills, grinders, jack hammers, cutters, drills, chainsaws, and porta power and hydraulic rams.

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4. Underwater Salvage & Demolition


Vessel Salvage

Vessel recovery and salvage operations within the New South Wales coastline including environmental assessments, and providing pre-salvage plans.


Underwater Demolition

We provide all underwater demolition services within the marine environment. We remove any underwater structures, piles & debris including bridges, wharfs, jetties and other potentially contaminating structures.


Marine Debris Removal

We provide marine salvage, dredging and surveying operations to identify and retrieve items of all sizes; from vessels to submerged debris. We use silt booms or fence booms to encapsulate the salvage area to reduce all possible contaminants or debris exiting the work surroundings.


Offshore Wreck Removal

Our salvaging services include an extensive range of lift bags and equipment, along with a decompression chamber for extended bottom time in deeper waters.


Underwater Recovery

We provide underwater search and recovery. The types of recovery services we can assist you with including mooring recovery, anchor recovery, propeller recovery, dinghy recovery, outboard engine recovery, and any valuables.

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Please read the work Port & Hunter Commercial Diving preformed on the Chichester Dam



All aspects of underwater survey, repairs, and construction.


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